Note: Unreleased intermediary changelogs are absorbed by released versions.

**  Version 2.3.3  **

New Features:
- Added new Ornament Style: Shadow box

- Improvements in Left-align/right-align labels
- Fixed an issue when invisible fields disappeared on the Form Editor
- Fixed conflicts with Divi Visual Builder
- Fixed Cardinfo Left/Right fields vertical alignment when only one of them has a label
- Added Hide Complex Field Labels option to CC Fields
- Added word wrapping to buttons for longer labels
- Fixed Default choices option width issue in case of longer labels
- Fixed Other Field Label padding in Gooseflap theme
- Inline choice options now break into separate rows on mobiles
- Hide label is now available in Section fields
- Scroll text now works with HTML and Section fields
- Fixed CSS conflict with WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder
- Fixed Frame Ornament custom background color for non-ornament options
- Fixed an issue with Edge where time fields would be too wide

***  Version 2.3  ***

- New Feature:
- - Field styling in Theme customization options (8 new options)
- - Field styling options for active field
- - Added theme descriptions
- Improved UX in Theme Customization
- Works with Product Add-on out of the box
- Added label behind other field in Radio Button
- Improved support for Gravity Flow plugin
- Enhanced inline style generation

**  Version 2.2.4  **

- Added scroll text for HTML and Section fields
- Fixed an issue when without settings an error was shown
- Fixed issue when GravityView would not load Default Theme
- Fixed a bug that shows an error in older versions of GF where get_plugin_settings() is not available
- Added version number in Styles Pro Main stylesheet enqueue
- Added box-sizing for fields
- Cleanup conflicting styles from Custom theme
- Fixed a CSS issue with Time Fields
- Added Icon/Images options to Product field Radio/Checkboxes
- Fixed an issue with Collapsible Sections add-on
- Fixed GF Visibility CSS
- Improved margin around Instructions
- Added Responsive styles for List Field type
- Added new option in Theme Customization
- - Reinforce Styles
- Added strength indicator styles for Password Field
- Complex fields are now full-width on mobile devices by default
- Moved Styles Pro styles to Front-end only

***  Version 2.2  ***

New Feature:
- Default Theme
- Images/Icon previews in Form Editor
- Ornaments options added to Custom Post Field and Post Tag fields

- UX/UI improvements in Styles Selector and Ornament Selector
- UX/UI improvements in Styles Pro Settings and Styles Pro Page
- Cleanup conflicting styles from Impreza and X theme
- Fixed CSS conflicts with User Registration Login
- Fixed padding with Ornament After placement
- Fixed Default Settings in Gooseflap theme
- Minor improvements in Gooseflap theme
- Styling Options for Left/Right aligned forms
- Fixed Validation Scroll conflicts

***  Version 2.1  ***

New Theme Added:
- Kiwi

New Features:
- Added icon counter with icon search search

- Fixed CSS conflicts with Survey Add-On
- Fixed validation CSS for complex fields
- Fixed icons for complex fields and date field
- Fixed Toggle CSS
- Fixed Shade Styles for Inline Small images
- Fixed Option text-shadow issue in Edge browser

***  Version 2.0  ***

New Features:
- Customize Validation Message (HTML allowed)
- Show validation message in a CSS pop-up
- On validaion page reload, scroll to the first field with error
- Better support for Gravity Forms no-conflict mode
- Improved compatibility for unofficial Gravity Forms widgets and themes
- Added support for User Role editing plugins
- Added support for GravityView Edit Entry
- Hide complex labels fields
- Field Size: Full width
- Add icons to Text, Number, Date, Email, Select fields
- Choose from 4 styles for field icons
- Add ornaments (icons OR images) to Radio and Checkbox choices
- Replace defaul checkbox and radio icons with animated toggles/sliders (7 options)
- 7 styles for checkbox/radio fields with ornaments
- Use custom colors for each icon
- 3 size options for ornaments
- Ornaments placement option (before or after the text)

Theme Customization:
- Default icon colors
- Field margin (bottom)
- Button text color
- Button background color
- Default icon color
- Background highlight color for supported ornament styles

2 New Themes added:
- Ethereal Material
- Flat Splat

Main Styles:
- Added styles for Popup validation
- Display none added for radio and checkboxes not(old)
- Fixed honeypot field
- Fixed Name fields CSS
- Fixed Save for later
- Fixed Multiselect