Styling a form field with Style Selector

Field Styling

Gravity Forms Styles Pro comes with a GUI based Style Selector for fields, which you can use to easily create a form layout. All built-in Gravity Forms fields are supported.

Styles Selector can be found under Appearance when editing a field.

Using Styles Pro: Style Selector

Style Selector has been designed to be intuitive to use. Usually hovering over an option should be enough to understand it. Please refer to the video for more information.

The following styling options can be chosen for each field.



  • Full width
  • Half width
  • 1/3rd
  • 1/4th
  • 2/3rd
  • Inline



  • None
  • New line (toggle, can be used in conjunction with other positioning options)
  • Float left
  • Float right
  • Make invisible
  • Hide



  • Hide character left (Single Line and Paragraph Text Only)
  • Hide label

List Style

List layout options

  • 1 column
  • 2 columns
  • 3 columns
  • 4 columns
  • 5 columns
  • Automatic (options will adjust based on their widths without being divided into columns)


All styles are responsive. Styles have been written keeping best UX practices in mind. You do not have to do any more settings, Styles Pro should adapt responsively based on the platform.

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