Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gravity Forms Styles Pro work with Gravity Forms 2?


I am still using Gravity Forms 1.x, can I still use Styles Pro?

Though, theoretically it should work with previous versions of Gravity Forms, since the Gravity Forms’ official add-on framework was used, we have only tested it with Gravity Forms 1.8 and above.

Can I order my own themes?

Yes, you can order a custom theme directly from us, if you like. Please don’t hesitate to send us your requirements. We aim to to create only high quality work but you’d be surprised to learn how affordable it can be.

I am not very technical, I wouldn’t know how to add a new theme.

Adding a theme is as simple as adding a file to a folder. In any case, we’re here to help.

What happens to my additional themes when I update?

You will still be able to use all the themes as usual.

What about Gravity Forms CSS Ready Styles?

Not only does Gravity Forms Styles Selector support all styles from CSS Ready Styles, it comes with more styling options that are not available with Gravity Forms. On top of that, we have eliminated the need to open documentation every single time you need to change a style or learn about available styling options. You can use the Style Selector within the form field options to style any Gravity Forms Field. We have rewritten the styles for Modern use and eliminating forced Floats and numerous !importants that made a lot of problems when using ready styles or overriding them.

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