1. Simple to use. Seamless integration with Gravity Forms and your theme. This is a native Gravity Forms add-on and not a plugin that forces itself on top of Gravity Forms from the outside.
  2. STYLES SELECTOR: Easy to use GUI based style selector for all fields, easily create and change layout from within the form edit page.
  3. NEW STYLES: Introduces more styles for creating form layout. We’ve packed several practical layouting options than the ones included with Gravity Forms.
  4. No need to hack Gravity Forms with special shortcodes. Just use as regular.
  5. Add icons to fields. Every time an icon is used, you can customize its color.
  6. Add icons or images to radio/checkbox choices.
  7. Enable more than one iconsets for your form. Over 2,000 icons. Included iconsets:
    1. Font Awesome
    2. Google Material Icons
    3. ET Icons
    4. ET Line Icons
  8. Customize validation message.
  9. Show validation message in a CSS Pop-up.
  10. Upon form validation, auto-scroll to the first field with error.
  11. Use animated toggles, instead of default browser checkbox or radio icons.
  12. Use multiple themes on the same page.
  13. Compatible with Gravity Forms widgets.
  14. Compatible with Gravity Forms Ready classes. If you’ve used it on your forms already, you can use it alongside the plugin and not worry about redesigning from scratch.
  15. 8 built-in visually unique themes included for forms with easy customization settings.
  16. Customize each theme separately.
  17. Uses inheritance based and relative CSS styles to allow for minimum interference and maximum compatibility with your theme based on options selected.
  18. Fields customization options:
    1. Font (over 300+ Google fonts)
    2. Font size
    3. Font style
    4. Color
    5. Automatic placeholder color calculation based on field color
    6. Field bottom margin (helps to space out fields)
  19. Field labels customization options
    1. Font (over 300+ Google fonts)
    2. Font size
    3. Font style
    4. Color
  20. Theme options for background:
    1. Default (use the default background color or image with the theme)
    2. None / Transparent
    3. Color (with transparency option)
    4. Image
  21. Change button background color
  22. Change button text color
  23. Custom CSS
  24. Hierarchical CSS structure. Easily and quickly customize your CSS without breaking everything around an element. Adapts to your theme using inheritance based, non-absolute CSS techniques.
  25. Responsive form styles designed with modern screen sizes and UX requirements.
  26. Light weight. No big-fat files. Smaller and efficient styles make the CSS load fast.
  27. All themes can be customized to your needs using font and label colors, font sizes, font styles, Google fonts separately. Background can also be changed with colors or image. Write custom CSS in one place, which can be toggled.
  28. Writing custom CSS for Gravity Forms is much simpler and faster than the built-in Gravity Forms Styles.
  29. Complete overhaul of the Gravity Forms Styles for modern needs. The new Styles are lighter, non-repeating and written hierarchically to be most efficient and easy to override, if need be.
  30. Ability to hide labels for fields. Useful when you want to use placeholders only.

Developed by seasoned designers. This plugin utilizes best practices for UI\UX design with focus on the ease of use for the users of your website. Best practices for coding, resource utilization, modern-browser compatibility, and speed were the focus during planning and development.

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